Ather Energy app

Reimagined with a fresh appearance and the top desired functionalities in the community

Problem statement

Being a daily user of Ather, I find the app interface to be very confusing for most of the time and lacks many essential features.
Later after speaking with a few more scooter owners the problems faced seems to be very common

Current user behavior

Some users still use google maps to navigate despite having a dedicated maps built-in on the app, most users are unaware of some very useful features that are already avaliable

Core problem

The app lacks some core features like

  1. Booking a online vehicle service

  2. handling multiple vehicles in the same account

  3. public charging spots filled up even after the vehicle is fully charged

Home Page

the current home doesn't have a notification feature for new updates and the upcoming features section is not communicating enough switching between multiple vehicles is not easy

Multiple EVs Management

added a feature to switch between multiple vehicles and showing essential info like charge status and range of the vehicles

Remote Charging Limit

currently with the limited charging spots vehicles that are fully charged stay plugged in and this prevents other rides from charging and increasing their wait time


The current looks a bit confusing and doesn't have a few quick access features, since users are used to google maps making the maps look a bit similar will be useful for the user to navigate

Booking Vehicle Service

right now the app has no way to book a vehicle service or update the status of the vehicle in service and no reminder to get the vehicle serviced add all those features


redesigned the profile section make it look more organized and added a feature to create a guest profile so there is no need to share users credentials if the vehicle is shared with a friend

Vehicle Details

With multiple vehicles also comes handling -last service, on road kms, battery status and active/inactive subscription adding buttons to renew and upgrade plans

Check out the figma file

Check out the figma file

Check out the figma file