Invest with confidence

Understanding the problem statement

Quite often people want to start investing for a long term wealth creation but end up making wrong decisions and losing money.

This could be following reasons to lose money

  1. Lack of expertise in investment decisions

  2. Potential financial losses due to inadequate knowledge

  3. Absence of long-term planning

  4. Insufficient risk analysis

  5. Lack of awareness about investment options

  6. Inadequate diversification strategies

To help Sham with his investment journey I need to first understand the current offering and how accessible these option are

Current Offerings

Most assessable (easy)

  1. Bank FDs

  2. Stock Market

  3. Mutual Funds

  4. Gold (Physical, Bonds)

  5. Crypto Currencies

Quite assessable (Not so easy)

  1. Real-estate

  2. Fractional Real-estate

  3. Revenue Based financing Bonds

  4. P2P lending

Not assessable (Not easy)

  1. Private equity Investments (start-ups)

  2. Privately listed bonds

  3. Large scale real-estate

Possible solution

The Goal is help users make informed decisions while investing their money

Design solutions

Information Presentation

Presenting investment information in a clear, concise, and visually appealing manner is crucial. The design should effectively communicate complex financial concepts,

Decision-Making Support

Provide users with tools and features that assist them in making well-informed investment decisions. This could include interactive calculators, risk assessment tools, portfolio trackers, comparative analysis and educational resources.

Personalisation and Flexibility

Recognise that individual investors have different preferences and financial situations. The design should allow for customisation and personalisation, enabling users to set investment goals, adjust risk levels, and tailor the experience to their needs.

Design concept

Designing an app where we on board the user with a set of questionnaires to understand the user and create a personalised experience and helping the user make informed investment decisions

Visual Elements and Branding

The design has to communicate Trust, Confidence and Stability

Let's skip to the good part

Splash screen, Signup via Verification and consent screen

Getting to understand the user with a few Questions

The Home screen

Keeping it clear

The home screen communicates the clear actions that the users needs to take in order to get started with their investment journey this includes

  1. Learn about investing

  2. Suggested investment Strategies

  3. Best Opportunities

Here “Invest on your goal” plays a significant part in motivating the user start an habit investing regular which help the app in suggesting a good investment strategy

In order to help the user with an investment strategy it’s very important to understand the user’s motive behind making an investment

Letting the users create goals to get started with investments

Understanding the users risk appetite

From the user data collected from the on boarding there can several investment strategies suggested, this provides flexibility for the user to make choices as their priorities may change over the time

Informed Decisions

Decision-Making Support

Showing some of the best performing assets on the home screen based the user preference
Here showing the past metrics shows creates a sense of confidence for the user to get started with their first investment

On the Investment page adding all the metrics helping the user understand the investment asset and it’s benefits

Adding small elements like “100% safe” or “Secured by RBI” can act as huge trust element in boosting the users confidence to make an investment on the platform


With all the choices available to the user to make an investment why would one chose this app over the other

The conclusion is was able drive was users need a motive to invest and grow their money it might be goal or something but forming that initial first step for investment is important

Next Steps

Think about the whole experience

Once a goal is set and the investment strategy is created how does next steps look like do have a in app experience or redirect the user outside the app

Improving on the feedback

Having a few users test the app can provide us with valuable insights with user needs and requirements

Make it more engaging

Adding more interactions and motion design in the app will elevate the overall experience of the app giving the user a much more delightful experience

Check out the figma file

Check out the figma file

Check out the figma file