Flow cash

Spend, Analyze and Invest

New approach for your Finance

Quick analysis of all expenses, Tips to optimize spending and Set financial goals, save money. All the financial tools for your goals in one place

Business Requirement

Build an app that helps the user track,
analyze and create goals all in one app

Why? (Hypothesis)

It’s easier for the user to track and analyze their spends at one place

Helping them optimizing their spendings

Create financial goals

Helping the users build an habit of investing and saving money

The Strategy Seamless and Effortless

Using a DS model that goes through the SMS/Email for Transactions to automatically add the expenses

No Hassel of adding expenses manually
Grant permission and forget about it

On boarding & Permissions

Giving the right context to the user

Taking permissions upfront and giving a glimpse of the app with stories


Knowing Your Expenditure

Building a home screen with the primary focus being on tracking expenses and any related news to the current investment portfolio

The Information hierarchy

  1. Having the expenses at the top with showing how much of the set budget for a month is spent

  2. Spends analysis with breakdowns for each category

  3. Showing Information on current related events based the user preference

  4. Showing any upcoming/pending bill alerts

  5. Curated news section with all the latest news related to current investment portfolio

Tracking bank accounts and Expenses related to it

Tracking spends across categories

Showing spendings in category wise is much more easier for the user to track and navigate through the transactions history this also gives a better sense of where the most amount of money was spent

Setting spending limits

Setting limits on spend category or a merchant is a easier way to tack give the user a sense on the expenses and avoid overspending

Helping the user started with investments

asking a series of questions to better understand the users financial goals

Understanding the users risk apatite

To give better suggestions to the user it’s also important to understand the risk apatite of the user

Helping the user start tracking their portfolio

as most users might already have existing investments it’s important that they are able to track it

Check out the figma file

Check out the figma file

Check out the figma file